modular audio visualisation powered by JavaScript


Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac, Windows or Linux (with desktop shell)
  • Node.js®

Recommended System Requirements

  • NVIDIA or ATI graphics card
  • Intel i5 or better
  • 4GB+ RAM


Input / Output

  • Webcam and audio input
  • Multi window output, for displaying on multiple displays

Audio analysis

  • Advanced audio analysis using Meyda
  • Automatic BPM detection, tap tempo available

Media Manager

  • Save and load presets with modV's built-in Media Manager
  • Create profiles for presets, images, videos, GIFs, color palettes and more

Versatile controls

  • Assign LFOs, math expressions, MIDI inputs and audio features to controls
  • All assignments can be saved to presets

Mixing and compositing

  • Route, blend, pipe and control alpha per module and layer
  • Easily re-arrange modules or layers via drag and drop

Modular design

  • modV modules support OpenGL (via WebGL) shaders, THREE.js scenes, ISF files and Canvas2D JavaScript
  • Using Vue.js as a base, modV has an extremely versatile plugin system


modV is open source and contribution is welcome via our GitHub :)

We accept donations through Flatter too!